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A thank you to the Orchid Observers Team.

  • Abe_Hoekstra by Abe_Hoekstra

    Last year I spent some time classifying wild orchids in the UK. I had a great time, learned a lot (and I still have much to learn), and I intended to look for wild orchids in my part of the country (which is the Netherlands) when they would flower again.

    This Sunday I went looking for them and found two fields with hundreds of wild orchids not too far from where I live (about 8 miles). I believe they are broad-leaved marsh orchids.

    I intend to visit other sites as well.

    I also created a Facebook group this week: Wild Orchids in the Netherlands. As of now we have got 46 members.

    I want to thank the Orchid Observers team and Zooniverse in general for providing a fun and educational project, and for giving me a new hobby 😃.


    enter image description here


  • MiaG by MiaG

    Beautiful orchid there. I hope you treated yourself to some stroopwafels after!