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All very interesting

  • Syntrichia by Syntrichia

    My name's Sue White and I'm an amateur photographer. I haven't bothered much with orchids because so many people were doing them already, but I might take more as I've found this project really interesting. I've even bought Mr Darwin's book on pollination - no wonder there aren't many insects in the pictures! I have experience with old handwriting; most of these herbarium sheets are very nice and legible. It looks as if showing them round was an important form of communication - "Look, I've found this!" the way we'd e-mail a photograph today. It's amazing to see pre-Linnean ones and and collections by famous botanists.


  • kathcas79 by kathcas79 scientist

    Hi Sue, many thanks for sharing your interesting comments - we are delighted you've found the project interesting and very much appreciate your experience and skills with transcribing the herbarium labels. Thank you so much for your time and participation!