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  • Subject AOR00009ki

    The label spelled wrong. Found Garple Burn http://www.cucaera.co.uk/grp on Ordance set to 1892. Ref: NX655809
    VC says 72 but actually 73

  • Subject AOR0000au3

    Chobham Common, Surrey June 1910 in my opinion

  • Subject AOR0000agv

    The VC32 on the sheet does NOT concur with the location of Greetham Rutland, which is actually VC55

  • Subject AOR00002s3

    Not sure VC2 is correct:
    Cawdor Castle is in near Nairne (Ordanance NH848499)
    Camborne Castle is in W.Cornwall
    Neither are VC2

  • Subject AOR00008zc

    Label spells it Seaton Links.
    Seton is in VC82 near Haddington.
    Links in Old English meant rising ground/slope

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