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Profile: Syntrichia


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  • Subject AOR0000ayw

    BM001188290: no actual ID on the label. I've assumed it's the same as the others on the sheet.

  • Subject AOR00008th

    It's unclear whether this plant was growing in VC21 or VC20. The county boundary is rather convoluted round there!

  • Subject AOR00008pu

    The sheet's marked VC16 but I agree with the transcriber, this locality's in VC15

  • Subject AOR00008xf

    The locality was probably the place now spelt "Achosnich" on Ardnamurchan; I'm still not sure how the collector spelt it.

  • Subject AOR00009cx

    Typed label doesn't give the year but I'm sure you have a record of it.

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